S.L. Premiere To Fulfill Varied Needs

Salt Lake Tribune, 25 May 1959, page 27
It took six years, one million drawings and six million dollars to bring Walt Disney's production of "Sleeping Beauty" to life.

And on June 3 at 8:30 the Villa Theater through sponsorship of The Salt Lake Tribune and the Salt Lake Valley Kiwanis Clubs residents of Utah will get their first viewing of the fabulous film at a benefit premiere to aid the handicapped.

In Technirama 70

"Sleeping Beauty" is filmed in Technirama 70 and Technicolor and the sound is six channel stereophonic.  The Villa Theatre is the only theater in the Intermountain Area that has facilities to show the 70mm film.

The benefit premiere will provide funds for scholarships, administered by the Salt Lake Exceptional Child Parent-Teacher Assn., allowing teachers to gain the special training needed to instruct handicapped children.

Third Dimension

The stereophonic sound will make the music of Peter Ilih Tchaikovsky, his Sleeping Beauty Ballet, sound as if the orchestra was in the theater, technicians said.  The Technirama-70 gives near perfect dimensional viewing.

Tickets for the benefit premiere are on sale at two special box offices and by members of Bonneville, Salt Lake and Sugar House Kiwanis Clubs.