Ensign, 1 July 1993

Article Summary:

Legacy Theatre:

  • 500-seat theater
  • 31-foot by 62-foot screen
  • 70-millimeter motion picture
  • six-channel surround soundsix-channel surround sound
  • images “sharper and brighter than you have ever seen—the result of being filmed on 70-millimeter film at an accelerated frame rate”
  • audio available in French, German, Spanish, and Japanese, via an infrared transmitter system
  • designed for visitors as an “extension of the Temple Square Visitors’ Center experience”

Legacy, the film:

  • exclusively at the Legacy Theatre in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building
  • produced under the direction of the First Presidency
  • music performed by the Tabernacle Choir and the Utah Symphony
  • Kieth Merrill, writer and director
  • “Our goal was to capture the spirit of sacrifice, the spirit of faith, and the spirit of the people and make them real. Through Legacy we can be totally swept away in time and space as we meet early members of the Church—trek with them across the prairies, cry with them as they bury their dead, and rejoice with them as they marry and have children. These were real people who lived and breathed, who worried and cried, and who loved and laughed.” (Keith Merrill)