Don't Assume Shakespearean Festival Tickets Are Gone

Deseret News, 8 August 1993, page E7

Article Summary:

The “hottest show in town” is “Legacy.” Long lines have been queuing up in the early morning hours (6 or 7 am).  “It looks like tickets going on sale at the Delta Center for Garth Brooks or Neil Diamond.”

“...why not book the show into some of the Wasatch Front's bigger 70mm theaters?  Let it run for a month or two at the Villa, the SCERA in Orem or the Cinedome in Ogden?  Maybe even charge a nominal admission to defray some of the costs.  The 'locals' could see 'Legacy' in these theaters, and free up the new Smith Building theater for tourists and visitors - the very group the film is really targeted for.   (Or, even better . . . add some extra showings of 'Legacy' in the Promised Valley Playhouse, instead of wasting this downtown landmark for its usual lineup of closed-to-the-public roadshows.)"