Hotel Utah

Box Elder News, 20 July 1911, page 2

The writer had the pleasure last week of inspecting the Hotel Utah at Salt Lake City, the great white palace, the finest thing of its kind west of the Mississippi river, and perhaps equal to anything in the United States.  A stroll through its spacious corridors will convince anyone that for richness in furnishings, beauty in design and convenience in appointment, it is just about the acme acme of perfection.  The lobby is one great room of dazzling beauty, the trimmings being done in a onyx with great onyx pillars supporting the Mezzanine floor.  The great rug that covers the floor of the lobby seems to be inches thick, and is reported to have cost $150 per yard.  The ball room is another dazzling department, fitted up in the most costly and elegant manner, with a floor like glass.  The grill in the basement is is a marvelously arranged affair, with invisible lights and a modern cooling apparatus, so that diners can sit and partake of their meals on the hottest days without the least discomfort, the room is kept so delightfully cool.

The view from the roof of the building was one of entrancing beauty, taking in as it does the entire valley south, the city on all sides, and the great shining sea to the west.  A visit to the great hostelry is more than worth while.