Old factory to become W. Jordan arts center

Deseret News, 29 March 2008, page B1

Article Summary:

West Jordan's sugar factory complex:

  • opened in 1916
  • closed in 1966
  • was a longtime economic hub for the southwest area of the Salt Lake Valley
  • one of West Jordan's most recognized relics
  • “At its height of operation in 1950, the factory was the largest employer in West Jordan”

Renovation as an arts center:

  • could cost between $15 million to $20 million
  • would include asbestos removal and seismic upgrades
  • the Legislature approved $40,000 in one-time funds to help pay for asbestos removal
  • West Jordan hired a professional fundraising company to raise funds for the renovation project
  • West Jordan Historical Society is working on an oral history of the factory based on recollections of former employees
  • Mayor Dave Newton said, "We want to use it for visual arts and an arts complex for painting, drawing, photography, film, theatrical arts, plays, music and bands and symphonies. We want to create a whole arts-type focus for this southwest part of the valley that would draw people to this center."