W. Jordan Council may amend Save Our Main Park initiative

Deseret News, 24 August 2005, page B3

Article Summary:

The West Jordan City Council approved an amendment to a voter-created ordinance, removing the prohibition on leasing land in the Main Park while still prohibiting sale of the land.  The amendment keeps the same intent as the initiative, creating a way to preserve the sugar factory rather than replacing it with new development.  Redevelopment of the sugar factory property would only be financially feasible if some property could be leased to a business, such as an art gallery, performing arts center, or restaurant.

“It feels to the council if we do this we're just going to split the city open again over issues that have had four years to heal.”  (Councilman Rob Bennett)

Two competing initiatives appeared on the 2001 West Jordan City ballot.

Main Park:

  • 90 acres
  • 2200 West to Redwood Road and 7800 South to the railroad tracks
  • just south of City Hall

Beautify Our Main Park initiative:

  • city-sponsored
  • spearheaded by Mayor Donna Evans
  • would have allowed for mixed-use residential and commercial development

Save Our Main Park initiative:

  • in response to the "Beautify Our Main Park" initiative
  • sought to prohibit the sale or lease of any city-owned land in the area without a public vote
  • pushed by a group led by mayoral candidate Bryan Holladay (Holladay won in the same election)
  • approved by a 67 percent vote