Improvements Made at Theatres

Iron County Record, 17 May 1930, page 1

Since John S. Woodbury took over the lease of the Thorley Theatre a couple weeks ago, he has made extensive improvements in both the Thorley and the Orpheum theatres.  The principal improvements have been the installation of new sound equipment in both theatres, improvements that have placed the motion picture houses in Cedar on a par with any in the state.

In the Thorley a new filmtone machine has been installed which handles all sound-of-film pictures and is a great improvement over the machine that was already in the place.  The house was opened after the improvements with “Romance of the Rio Grande” staring Warner Baxter, which proved the wisdom of the change to new equipment.

In the Orpheum Theatre new Western Electric equipment has been installed throughout and those who saw the opening show “Sally,” an all technicolor picture, starring Marilyn Miller, are convinced that in the Orpheum Theatre, Cedar has as well equipped motion picture house as the finest in the state.

The Western Electric machine handles either the sound-on-film productions or the Vitaphone plays, making it possible to show the productions of any company.