Thorley Theatre to Have New Name

Iron County Record, 11 May 1939, page 1

The management of the Thorley Theatre announces that beginning May 15th, a contest will be held to select a new name for the theatre.

In keeping with the spirit of advancement and modernization it is felt the name “Thorley” by which the theatre has been known since 1913, is outmoded.

The management asks all its patrons to help in securing a new and appropriate name, and offers a prize of $10.00 in cash for the winning name. In case of a tie the prize will be divided, and of course, the management reserves the right to reject any and all names submitted.  Anyone entering the Thorley theatre on May 15 or any day thereafter until June 1st will be permitted to place a suggested name in the entry box, and may do so as often as they enter the theatre.