New Thorley Opens Tonight

Iron County Record, 9 March 1928, page 8

Building Remodeled and Richly Furnished – New Cushioned Seats Added – Commodious Stage Built – Lighting System Artistically Arranged.

After a month of intensive remodeling, re-arranging, repainting and building a stage in the Thorley Theatre, the building will be opened to the public tonight, the show being “That's My Daddy,” a rip roaring, lively action, exciting, and fun producing play, featuring the nationally known and versatile actor, Reginal Denny, with added features of “Behind the Counter,” and Krazy Kat Cartoon, “For Crime's Sake.”

The interior of the building has been considerably changed from what it was a month ago, the seats being rearranged, and beautiful cane loges added; the main aisles padded and carpeted, a beautiful foyer added, and richly draped; new lighting system installed; rich draperies over all windows and doors, entirely new stage well arranged and curtained; the ceiling and walls calsomined and painted in rich colors; the whole making a most pleasing appearance and one that will lend charm to the shows that will be produced.

The opening will be minus one thing, the ten section pipe organ, which due to unavoidable delay in shipping from the factory will not be in place, but we are informed by Mr. Strike, who has the place leased, that it will be here and ready for use within a month, at which time the public will be given an opportunity to hear this wonder organ, played by Cedar's proficient organist, Mr. Oborn.

The Thorley is to be under the direct management of A. W. Smith, of Salt Lake City, who has had many years experience in the movie show business, the past seven and one half years of which he gained in the Paramount in Salt Lake City. Mr. Smith assures us that the people will be shown every courtesy possible and everything done that will tend to make every show a pleasure to them.