Thorley Theatre to be Remodeled

Iron County Record, 27 January 1928, page 5

This week a deal was completed by which the Thorley Theatre was leased to the L. Strike Amusement Company of Salt Lake City who will take over the building February 1st, and commence a general remodeling.

From reliable sources we learn that in the neighborhood of $20,000 is to be spent by the Strike Company in the remodeling, which will consist of the erection of a stage, and equipped thoroughly; the installing of a new silver screen and pipe organ; placing of new cushioned seats; carpeting the isles and foyer; changing ticket office and moving to front; curtaining and lighting; repainting entire interior of building; and improving and enlarging the heating and ventilating system.

We are told that the remodeling of the building will make it one of the very best in the state.  In fact it is asserted that although not so large as some, the theatre will be as elaborate and artistic as any.

Further information is promised us for next week.