Dan Valentine's Nothing Serious

Salt Lake Tribune, 22 June 1960, page B1

Around and About: A frantic lemon-pie lover screams that no Utah champion lemon-pie baker should be crowned until Mrs. Casey Bown, wife of the fish and game man, is considered.   “Mrs. Bown's lemon pies are the best in the west,” the lemon-pie lover says, “and I resent your crowning Mrs. M. A. Siouris as Utah lemon-pie champion without considering Mrs. Bown.   Why?”  . . .  (Well, I've tasted Mrs. Siouris' lemon pie, and I ain't tasted Mrs. Bown's lemon pie, but I'm willing to reopen the competition if Mrs. Bown is willing to donate a lemon pie for judging – and I'm the sole judge!)  . . .