U. Crash Program Spurs Call to Aid Handicapped

Salt Lake Tribune, 30 May 1959, page 13
The need for teachers, trained to instruct handicapped children, was forcefully called to attention Friday with announcement by the University of Utah of a special "crash" summer program in special education.

AND JUST SUCH training will be furthered by The Salt Lake Tribune and Salt Lake area Kiwanis clubs through a benefit premiere Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. in the Villa Theater of Walt Disney's "Sleeping Beauty."

Money from the premier will form a scholarship fund to enable teachers to gain the extra training needed for work with handicapped children.

IT WILL BE administered by the Salt Lake Exceptional `Child Parent-Teacher Assn.

Miss Madeleine Helfrey, co-ordinator of special education at the university, announced the expanded program in special education - specifically preparation to teach the mentally retarted - Friday.

THE PROGRAM, with additional staff to teach it, was requested by various school district because of the greater interest and demand for classroom space for handicapped children," Miss Helfrey said.

Tickets for the benefit premiere are available daily from noon to 5 p.m. at the Uptown Theatre and in the evening at the Villa Theatre.

IN ADDITION, members of Bonneville, Salt Lake and Sugar House Kiwanis Clubs have tickets for sale.

Some choice reserved seats are still available at $5 and $10.