Gala Benefit Show

Beauty Abounds at 'Sleeping Beauty'

Salt Lake Tribune, 28 May 1959, page B1
Three of Salt Lake City's own beauties will meet patrons at the benefit premiere of "Sleeping Beauty" Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. in the Villa Theater.

THOSE ATTENDING the premiere, sponsored by The Salt Lake Tribune and Salt Lake Valley Kiwanis Club to aid handicapped children of Utah, will be greated by three young beauties who will present guests with flowers to help make the occasion festive.

The hostesses, all winners of beauty and talent contests, are Pat Hogan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben N. Hogan, 2501 Olympus Dr. (4155 South);  Lee Larsen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Larsen, 259-7th Ave., and Lyn Martin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence P. Martin, 2665 Kentucky Ave. (4730 South).

CRITICS who have seen special showings of Walt Disney's latest animated creation have termed the Technorama-70 - the first such animated show - "a peak in the art of animation."

The money gained from the benefit premiere will be used to establish a scholarship fund to be administered by the Salt Lake Exceptional Child Parent-Teacher Assn. for teachers' use in furthering education.  The special education is required in Utah before an instructor can teach handicapped children.

TICKETS ARE moving rapidly as the showtime draws near, but there are still choice seats available.  There is a special box office open daily from noon to 5 p.m. in the Uptown Theater, and tickets are available each evening at the Villa Theater.

Members of Bonneville, Salt Lake and Sugar House Kiwanis Clubs also have tickets for sale.  Mail orders addressed in Sleeping Beauty Box Office, Uptown Theater, 53 S. Main, Salt Lake City 10, Utah, will be promptly filled.