Help Her Help Handicapped

'Sleeping Beauty' to Play New Role

Salt Lake Tribune, 01 June 1959, page 23
"There are more than 21,000 school-age children in Utah who are not attending school, largely due to lack of teachers.  And they are 21,000 of the state's children most in need of schooling," Alton F. Lund said Sunday

TO HELP provide the training necessary for teaching the handicapped, The Salt Lake Tribune and Salt Lake Valley Kiwanis Clubs are sponsoring a benefit premiere of Walt Disney's six-million-dollar production of Sleeping Beauty.

The premiere will be Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. in the Villa Theater.

MR. LUND, Salt Lake attorney and immediate past president of the National Association for Retarded Children, and Wendall L. Cottrell, deputy secretary of state and president of the Salt Lake County Association for Retarted Children, are making presentations on the problem before several school boards.

"We are trying to show the vital need for more classrooms to teach retarted children," Mr. Cottrell said, "but even more so, the need for speed to get teachers trained to preside in the classrooms."

MONEY FROM the benefit premiere will establish a scholarship fund to enable teachers to gain the added training needed for teaching the handicapped.

The Salt Lake Exceptional Child Parent-Teacher Assn. will administer the fund when The Salt Lake Tribune and Kiwanis Clubs turn over proceeds from the premiere.

TICKETS ARE available at a special box office in the lobby of the Uptown Theatre daily from noon to 5 p.m. and at the Villa Theatre in the evening.  Members of the Kiwanis Clubs also have tickets available.