Oral Histories, 'Lost Treasures' of Beloved Fountain Green Theater Being Preserved, Restored

Mormon Pioneer Heritage Area, 26 September 2003

Article Summary:

Fountain Green Theatre and Dance Hall

owned by LDS Church
used for movies, plays, and vaudeville acts
children of widows attended movies for free
ushers showed people to their seats
a piano player provided sounds effects for silent films

original elements restored include the old ticket booth, woodwork, and stencils
the roll-down curtain that protected the movie screen was found in the basement and is being restored by BYU for display at the theater
the curtain has a mural-type image surrounded by advertisements from local businesses
plans for restored theater include movies (one or two shows a week), plays, musical performances, and a Mormon Heritage Film Festival

contributors to the restoration:
Lewis and Lynn Rasmussen owned the dance hall and theater
Dean and Gene Peckham, twins who own a Salt Lake City asphalt company, donated countless hours and substantial amounts of money