Steck Sells Cozy Theatre

Motion Picture House Acquired by Perry Interests

Ogden Standard Examiner, 18 May 1923, page 10

The Cozy theatre was sold today by S. B. Steck to the Ogden Theatre company. The consideration was not made public.

Mr. Steck has operated the Cozy since April 1917 when he acquired the motion picture house from Roscoe Clasmann and Steve Hagans.

Harmon Perry of the Ogden Theatre company took over the Cozy theatre at noon today.

“Mr. Perry said that he would not change the policy of the Cozy after his acquisition,” said Mr. Steck.

“I will now devote my time to the Lyceum and the Rex theatres,” Mr. Steck continued. “However, the Rex will not be opened for some time, probably not until fall.

“In retiring from the Cozy, I want to thank my patrons for the support they have given me in my theatres. They have made possible whatever success I have attained and to them I desire to express my appreciation.”