Valley Fair Cinema: Choice of Four Films

Salt Lake Tribune, 14 August 1970, page 16A
A movie fan who walks into the lobby of the Valley Fair 4 Cinemas will have four choices as to what motion picture he wants to see.

That's the plan for the Salt Lake area's newest theater complex which opens to the public Friday.

Actually, in its opening week the public will have a choice of three programs, "They Call Me Mister Tibbs," will be showing in two of the four small movie houses, with Walt Disney's "Sleeping Beauty," in the third, and "Two Mules For Sister Sara," in the fourth.

Robert H. Lippert, who operates some 120 film houses from his base in San Francisco, says his four-house idea allows him to show four entirely different motion pictures at one time.

Each of the four theaters in the complex seats about 300 persons, they share a lobby and one projectionist handles the movies for all four auditoriums.

The Valley Fair 4 Cinemas was opened Thursday night at ceremonies attended by civic and theater officials of the Salt Lake City, Granger and Hunter areas.