Moving Picture Theaters

Ogden Standard Examiner, 31 August 1908, page 6

As a member of the Film Service association, and in justice to the theaters in Ogden that I am supplying with moving pictures, I wish to say that certain statements made by the Dreamland theater in the Ogden Standard and Examiner are absolutely false and untrue.

The management of the Dreamland theater has not “worked with untiring energy” to bring about certain results which have been attained, but on the contrary the management of the Dreamland theater has absolutely refused to co-operate with the other picture theaters in Ogden with a view to selecting programs of pictures that would not conflict with other Ogden houses.

Furthermore, no theater to which I am supplying films has entered into any agreement whatever, written or verbal, with the Dreamland, consequently no contract can be broken.

It is true that all conflicts in programs will be avoided in the future, so far as possible, but the entire credit for the results which have been attained lies wholly with the Film Service association, a national organization, whose object is to promote harmony in cases similar to the above.

R. W. Strong,
Manager The 20-Century Optiscope Company.