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Arthur Has Skipped

Ogden Standard Examiner, 1 December 1908, page 6

The proprietors of the Dreamland theater are seeking to locate Arthur Randolph, who had been in their employ until Monday as electrician and moving picture operator. It is stated that Randolph decamped with more or less property belonging to others, including a suit case filled with clothing, tools, etc. An electric fan was also missed, but has since been located. It is also stated that Randolph, who had been employed at the theater only a month, made much of his employers' alleged courtesies, and informed numerous merchants that such was their confidence in him that all he had to do to obtain goods for himself was to mention the name of the firm and the same would be delivered to him on sight. It is not known how extensively Randolph worked this racket before leaving the city. It is said that a typewriter belonging to L. H. Becraft was found in a Twenty-fifth street shop, where Randolph had pawned it. Mr. Tout visited Salt Lake yesterday in the hope of apprehending the fellow, but his whereabouts were not ascertained.