Latest Equipment in Cozy, Rex and Lyceum

Ogden Standard Examiner, 24 October 1920, page 13

Four of the latest model Powers 6B motion picture machines have been installed in the theatres owned and managed by S. B. Steck, combined with the Powers' equipment previously installed in the Rex Theatre, making a complete set of these machines in the three theatres. Two of the new machines were installed in the Lyceum theatre and two in the Cozy theatre. In addition, Manager Steck has installed Worman's automatic re-wind machines in each of the houses.

The three theatres are now open each day, the Lyceum operating from 11 a. m. until 11 p. m., the Cozy opening at 2 o'clock and the Rex at 4:45 o'clock. The Rex theatre has been re-tinted and rearranged, making it one of the most comfortable theatres in the state.

For the Lyceum theatre, Manager Steck has booked Will Rogers in “Water Water Everywhere,” Harry Carey in “Blue Streak McKoy,” William Desmond in “A Sagebrush Hamlet,” all of the Charles Ray and Wallace Reid features, “Blind Husband,” “Virgin,” “Virgin of Stamboul,” all Fox productions including Sunshine comedies. Comedies being shown are Mack Sennett, Arbuckle, Chaplin, Larry Semon's, Big V's, Century Animal, Keystone, Gale Henry's and Snub Pollard.

The Rex theatre bookings include “Stolen Orders,” an eight reel production; Zane Grey's “Desert Gold,” Sessue Hayakawa in “Courageous Coward,” Lleut. Omer Locklear in “Great Air Robbery,” Mary Pickford in “The Hoodlum,” William Russell in “A Live Wire Hick” and “Auction of Souls.”