Colonial to Become Cozy, Film Theatre of Larger Capacity

Ogden Standard Examiner, 24 January 1935, page 14

Remodeling Operations Under Way at Playhouse; Lincoln White to Move When Samuels Vacates Present Store

Two announcements of changes affecting business property on Washington avenue were made today.

One announcement from A. L. Glassmann said that remodeling operations are under way to make the Colonial theatre into a de luxe theatre by March 15.

Another announcement came from Lincoln White to the effect that he had made arrangements to move into the store now occupied by the Samuels Shoe company as soon as the Samuels firm moves into the new Woodmansee building.

Mr. Glassmann said the seating capacity of the Colonial theatre will be increased from 389 to 490 and new theatre seats provided.  The interior will be decorated and carpeted and the lobby expanded to include space now occupied by Lincoln White, jeweler.  Mr. Glassmann said the remodeling program calls for the final turning out of a comfortable, cozy, well-heated and well-ventilated theatre with excellent sound and project facilities.

Mr. White said that he immediately will begin a clearance sale to clear out his present stocks with the expectation of starting in his new location with an entirely new stock of merchandise.  He believes that he can be in his new quarters by February 15 when he will add new departments to his store, retaining his present features, including his watch repair department.

Remodeling operations in the interior of the theatre will proceed pending the removal of Mr. White's store and then the lobby will be remodeled.