A. M. Miller Buys Building

Ogden Market Man Acquires Second Business Block

Ogden Standard Examiner, 23 May 1923, page 12

A real estate deal of considerable importance was closed yesterday when A. M. Miller of the Washington market bought from George M. Wheelwright and wife and Gideon H. Malan and wife the premise occupied at present by the Cozy theatre and adjoining the Washington Market on the south.

Mr. Miller also made the final payment on the present site of the Washington Market property which he purchased from Julia Kissel, Fred W. Kiesel, Jane B. Kiesel and Whilhemine Pauline Shearman.

The consideration for the Wheelwright-Malan property was $42,000 and for the Washington Market property $40,000.

Asked regarding his plans this morning Mr. Miller said:

“Though the plans are practically worked out, nothing will be done for several years until the expiration of the lease on the property now occupied by the Cozy theatre.

“When the lease expires, however, it is my intention to erect a modern office building. This will have a frontage of 55 feet and a depth of 152 feet and will be five stories in height.

“I am confident of the future of Ogden and it has always been my policy to spend my money where I make it.”

“When the remodeling starts it is the intention to extend the space to be occupied by the market and the store across most of the frontage. These plans, however, are too far in the future to go into detail about them, but that in brief is the intention.”

The deal was completed by Willard Kay, Ogden real estate operator.