Little Theatre Group to Open Year October 4

Ogden Standard Examiner, 23 September 1934, page 7

The Weber Little Theatre group has taken up activities for the coming year with a bang!  A group has been organized under the name of “Little Theatre Guild, Inc.” who intend to do all possible to push the Little Theatre movement in our city.

The first presentation for the season will be St. John Ervine’s sparkling comedy, “The First Mrs. Fraser,” which will open at the Weber Theatre October 4 with Mrs. Janet Kathryn Northrup as Mrs. Janet Fraser and Mrs. Delores Eccles as Elsie Fraser.  Thatcher Allred plays the part of James Fraser with a fine Scotch accent.  Horace Walker, Mrs. Constance Bunnell, Fred Nixon, Glen Judd and Miss Esther Clawson complete the cast.  The schedule for the winter is not yet completed, but it is thought the next play presented by the group will be a mystery melodrama.

Many are asking what relation the Little Theatre Guild, Inc., is to the Weber Little Theatre.  The Little Theatre Guild, Inc., is a group of representative citizens of Ogden who have organized for the purpose of giving Little Theatre work in this city permanence and backing, recognizing its value to such a community as Ogden, where its lovers of the drama may have an outlet for their talent and grow in its perfection.  Recent reports from prominent educators of the country show that dramatic talent and its development at this time are being given more consideration than ever before.  Mrs. Kathryn Northrup, who attended the National Little Theatre conference this summer, states that she learned a great deal about recreational dramatics in Ogden from a report by Mr. Braden, who is the field director for several states.  He stated that splendid work in this line had been done in Ogden.