'Beauty' Funds to Aid Handicapped

Salt Lake Tribune, 16 May 1959, page 23
In Utah, according to the Handicapped Children Advisory Committee, there are more than 24,000 handicapped children.

And if those children are to be taught to live, there must be specially trained teachers, the report reads.

SOME OF WHAT training will be provided through funds gained by The Salt Lake Tribune and Salt Lake Valley Kiwanis Clubs at a benefit premier of Walt Disney's new production, "Sleeping Beauty."

The premier is scheduled June 3 at 8:30 p.m. in the Villa Theater, with all proceeds from the special benefit performance going to provide scholarships for teachers.

THE NEED FOR special training of such teachers is demonstrated by a visit with Miss Madeleine Helfrey, co-ordinator of special education, University of Utah, and Mrs. Mildred Wolz, directing teacher of mentally retarded children at Stewart Training School.

Miss Helfrey, pointing to what looked like a children's "playhouse" in Mrs. Wolz' classroom, said, "We let the children act out roles in the playhouse.  After training, you can gain a great insight into what problems are hidden in the child's mind from what the child acts out."

Mrs. Wolz, who noted her classroom is used for demonstrations as well as observation and teacher training, added, "By play, we teach a retarded child to use the telephone.."

TICKETS to the benefit premier of "Sleeping Beauty" will be sold at a special box office in the Uptown Theater, 53 S. Main, beginning Tuesday and daily thereafter from noon to 5 p.m.  In addition, members of the Salt Lake, Bonneville and Sugar House Kiwanis Clubs will have tickets available.