Lyceum Theatre Excellent Playhouse

Ogden Standard Examiner, 20 July 1916, page 30

Among the high class playhouses of Ogden is the Lyceum theater, on Twenty-fifth street, near Grant avenue, which, under the management of Stanley B. Steck is producing some of the best moving picture performances to be seen in any section of the country. The plays are all of standard class and the theater is conducted in a manner that is pleasing to all who patronize the place.

The Lyceum theater was erected by the George Maule estate six years ago, and Mr. Steck has managed the place the past three years, having taken a long-time lease. The building is modern in detail and has a seating capacity of over 600, containing a parquett and balcony. Sanitation and ventilation are the leading features of the popular playhouse and its acoustics are among the best in the city. The stage is adapted for the vaudeville and drama, as well as the moving picture shows. In moving pictures it is a five-cent house altogether, and its performances continue from 11 o'clock in the day to that time at night.

Mr. Steck is a popular manager and is well liked by his patrons. He is always affable and endeavors at all times to please the theater-goers. His programs are always interesting, the performances being of the higher quality.

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Lyceum Theatre Excellent Playhouse