Dreamland Buys a Fine New Machine

Ogden Standard Examiner, 29 August 1908, page 8

Dreamland has just installed a fine new machine. It is of the very latest model and is a beauty. This popular picture house has always taken the lead in giving to the public the clearest and steadiest of pictures. While the machine already in use is one of the best and latest makes on the market, yet the use of two machines and two operators will remove the necessity of any intermissions whatever to change pictures. This enables us to show more pictures in less time than any other house in the city.

The manager has worked with untiring energy to bring about an arrangement whereby the pictures shown at Dreamland will not be shown by any other house. His efforts have at last been successful, and the public can now rest assured that the pictures shown at Dreamland will be shown there exclusively, at least, so long as those concerned keep the obligations entered into.

Our patrons will still find us always in the lead at DREAMLAND, “The Home of Moving Pictures.”