Unbounded Success of Lyceum Theatre Section

Ogden Standard Examiner, 19 December 1903, page 3

Are Putting on Finest Vaudeville Program in the West

Sunday Evening Concerts Prove to be Greatly Appreciated.

The Lyceum theatre has met with almost unbounded success since it opened a few weeks ago. The attendance at all of the performances is unusually equal to the full capacity of the house, and at many of them even standing room cannot be obtained. Sawyer and Young, the proprietors of the theatre, are giving the public a service far superior to that given in most of the theatres on the same vaudeville circuit as this one. During the past week seven people have been in the performance and for the next week there are eight engaged, while the usual number played at theatres of this size is five people.

During New Year's week every person attending the theatre will receive a chance on three prizes. The first, a set of Havelland chins; the second, a tone of coal; the third, a sack of flour.

The artists on the boards for the past week have been of an unusually high class. The Aberns, hand to hand equilibrists, are the best performers ever seen in Ogden, and have recently finished an engagement at Keith's Vaudeville theatre in New York City.

Messrs. Sawyer and Young are to be congratulated on the successful opening of a first-class house which not only puts a high class entertainment within the reach of all, but also provides a performance at a moderate price to which no one need be ashamed to go. The audiences are remarkable for their quiet and orderliness.

The Sunday evening concerts are growing in popularity and it is the plan of the management to secure more local talent for these concerts and give a high class concert each Sunday evening.