Fire in the Lyceum Theatre

Ogden Standard Examiner, 02 October 1911, page 6

Sometime last night the Lyceum theater caught fire, and, had it not been for the prompt response of the fire department and the falling of the asbestos curtain on the flames, the interior might have been gutted. The loss amounts to about $1,500.

The fire was discovered this morning at about 4 o'clock, but it is thought by the fire fighters that the fire had been smoldering since the removal of things belonging to the theatrical company having an engagement at the house. The vaudeville company removed its paraphernalia to the depot at about 1 o'clock this morning and it is thought that some one, in the moving, threw a lighted match, cigar or cigarette into inflammable material in the store room under the stage.

The fire was readily extinguished by the fire department, but not until the stage floor practically had been destroyed, the $500 piano burned up and some of the flies of the stage destroyed. The electric wiring underneath the stage was also burned out and a new conduit will have to be provided before the theater can resume business.

Fortunately the ropes holding the asbestos curtain were burned off and the curtain fell to the floor, preventing the fire from extending to the front part of the building.

The entire loss is estimated at from $1,500 to $2.000, the material burned being fully insured. The loss would have been much greater had it not been that it was “change night” for the companies engaged to play at the house. The last week's company moved out after the performance and it happened that the new company had not yet placed it paraphernalia in the store room. The only things left in the store room to be destroyed were a few chairs and tables. The only loss to the new company will be that it will have to cancel its engagement for the week.

It will require a number of days' time to repair the stage floor and place the house in condition for business.

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Fire in the Lyceum Theatre