Ogden Has the Best Wiring

Ogden Standard Examiner, 18 September 1910, page 6

H. C. McGregor, inspecting engineer of the board of Pacific Fire Underwriters, who has just completed a visit in this city, is authority for the statement that the electrical wiring in the larger buildings of Ogden is 50 per cent better than that of Salt Lake City.

Ogden is the only city in the state of Utah which has a city electrician and whose administration has enacted ordinances compelling property owners to take precautions in the wiring of their buildings.

While the office of city electrician is a common one in nearly every state in the Union, Ogden was the first city in Utah to see the necessity of such an office. W. L. Russell, who was appointed to the position, has been in the office since the first of July, and states that this short time he as been able to make a number of improvements in the manner of wiring all of which tend toward greater fire safety.

According to the city electrician, the electrical wiring of the new Lyceum theater will be the finest job in the state. This job will cost about $1,000 and will be all conduit work, according to the underwriters' code. It will eliminate every possibility of a fire from electrical wires.

The Lewis block, now being improved, is being wired under the inspection of Mr. Russell, and he states that this building will also be absolutely fire-proof as far as the wiring is concerned. 

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Ogden Has the Best Wiring