Ogden to Have Stock Company

Ogden Standard Examiner, 11 November 1911, page 5

Headed by H. B. Carpenter, who requires no introduction to Ogden theatergoers, the Lyceum Stock company will open an engagement at the Lyceum theater on Twenty-fifth street next Thursday evening, offering to the patrons of the popular playhouse a repertoire of new productions.

Since the fire of a few weeks ago, the Lyceum re-opened under a new management but continued playing vaudeville. Now it has been decided to try stock attractions and Mr. Carpenter, probably the best known stock company leader in Utah, was secured to take charge of the production and appear in the leading roles.

Fred Hayter is the new manager of the Lyceum and he announces that popular prices will prevail during the engagement of the stock company. The opening production on next Thursday night will be “My Boy Jack.”

Those who assist Mr. Carpenter in the production of this popular comedy-drama are John E. Cummings, Harry E. Cone, Birch DeLappe, Percy Morris. C. Churchill, Marshall Sayles, Beatrice A. Allen, Dorathea Wolbert, Maureen McDonald and Helen Kildare. Among these are several of the peop0le who have been with Mr. Carpenter for the past several months on a very successful tour of the southwest. 

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Ogden to Have Stock Company