Excavating for the New Theater

Ogden Standard Examiner, 24 July 1910, page 4

Excavation work was begun on the Lyceum theater ground yesterday, under direction of Contractor S. N. Meld. J. R. Nuckles the theater man, who has a long-time lease on the new playhouse, is giving the building operations his personal attention. He says he wants the house to be as he wants it, and to that end he is going to watch the progress of the work.

“I am going to expend about $5,000 in furnishing the interior of the building and, naturally, I want to see that the architectural plans are carried out to the letter. I am going to call the new theater the Lyceum, under which name the old one was known, but I want to assure the good people of Ogden that it will be quite a different playhouse. It looks to me as though the theater will be ready for occupancy by September the 15th.” 

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Excavating for the New Theater