Lyceum Theatre Goes

Ogden Standard Examiner, 13 July 1910, page 6

New Vaudeville House to Replace Historic Building

Another new theatre is being planned for Ogden. The Lyceum theatre, which closes its regular season with next Sunday's performance, is to be torn down and by the opening of the vaudeville season next fall the house will be among the top-notch vaudeville houses of the west. Work will commence Monday morning. The present small frame structure will [missing letter] ouncil today. During the year the show house will be erected on the site. It will have a seating capacity of 750 and a thoroughly up-to-date stage will be installed.

The removal of the old Lyceum theatre will mark the passing of a landmark of considerable note. For ten years the building has been used as a theatre of minor importance and for many years prior to that it had served to house a number of business institutions. It was originally built as a school house and many of the oldest residents of Ogden attended school there.