Defective Wiring is Now Conspicuous for Absence

Salt Lake Tribune, 18 September 1910, page 26

That the electrical wiring in the business buildings of Ogden city is 50 per cent better than that of any other city in Utah is the statement of H. C. McGregor, inspecting engineer of the Pacific board of fire underwriters, who has been in Ogden for several days in the interests of the board.

The appointment of W. L. Russell as city electrician last July is partially responsible for the excellent system of wiring now found in the business section. Mr. Russell condemned the wiring in several buildings and as a result most of the buildings are now absolutely fireproof, so far as wiring is concerned. The Lewis block, the Lyceum theater and other buildings now being constructed will be protected from any danger from fire resulting from defective wiring by the use of conduits through which the wires will be run. 

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Defective Wiring is Now Conspicuous for Absence