Theatrical Moves in Junction City

Deseret News, 29 April 1909

Next week will witness the beginning of activity in the theatrical circles in Ogden. It marks the beginning of the numerous changes of management in several of the houses. Tonight the Moore stock company give its farewell performance at the Utahna theater after having run for seven months. The house again passes into the hands of John Cort, who will install a musical comedy company there until the first part of June, when the open-air theater in Utahna park will be used by the company.

One June 1, Mr. Cort relinquishes control of the Grand Opera House, which he has held for a number of years and will have a new theater on the site of the present Utahna theater. The plans for the new theater, which will be built by the Peery estate, are being prepared by the official architect of the Northwestern Theatrical association of Seattle. The new house will resemble the Colonial theater of Salt Lake City.

As soon as Mr. Cort's lease on the Grand Opera House expires, the Orpheum theater company, recently organized in Ogden, and which secured a lease on the Grand, will have the house remodeled for the installation of vaudeville in August.

Messrs. Knuckles & Lippencott of the Lyceum theater, which is the pioneer 10 and 20-cent show house of Ogden, putting on vaudeville, are contemplating having a new house for their shows. It is stated that George Maule, who owns the property where the Lyceum stands, will erect a new theater which will be the future home of the Knuckles & Lippincott shows.

The moving picture situation remains unchanged, with the four independent houses covering the field. As every film service in the United states is practically represented in Ogden, it is very doubtful if any more moving picture houses will attempt to start in Ogden for some months to come.

The Sylvan, Utahna and Glenwood Park companies are making arrangements for the opening of those resorts on Decoration day with the usual summer attractions which include the moving picture houses together with a vaudeville show. 

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Theatrical Moves in Junction City