Fine, Modern Theater Gives Its First Bill

Salt Lake Tribune, 1 November 1910, page 12

Modernly equipped with the latest appliances found in the larger play houses, the new Lyceum theater on lower Twenty-fifth street was formally opened to the public this evening, when the first vaudeville bill of the season played two performances to a capacity house.

The building is one of the handsome vaudeville houses of the state.  Commodious, well ventilated dressing rooms have been built in the basement below the stage.  The entire house is a model of good sanitation and beautiful architecture.  Contractor L. W. Mead turned the house to the proprietor, J. R. Nuckols, this afternoon.  The new house will be under the management of C. W. Lippincott, the popular manager of the old Lyceum.  The new theater has a seating capacity of 700, a little less than half of this number of seats being located in the balcony.  Architect Heber Piers prepared the plans for the building.