New Theater, Nice New

Deseret News, 14 August 1970

[missing text] produced [missing text] engrossing police story opened a unique new motion picture operation of four theaters in the Salt Lake Valley Thursday night.

The film was the first-run “They Call Me MISTER Tibbs,” starring Sidney Poiteir, as a superman police lieutenant who is faced with a dilemma when he investigates a murder in which his best friend could be the killer.  (The picture also is showing in Salt Lake at the Highland Drive-In.)

“They Call Me MISTER Tibbs” was one of three pictures that opened Valley Fair 4 Cinemas in the new shopping mall of the Hunter-Granger area.

The four theaters are in one building at the southeast corner of the mall.   They are intimate in format, each seating about 250 persons, each having a color design of its own and each opening into a beautifully appointed main lobby.

The other films were Walt Disney's “Sleeping Beauty” and the recently released “Two Mules For Sister Sara.”   Prior to the formal opening of the new theater complex, their owner and operator, Robert Lippert of San Fransisco, hosted a dinner party for about 400 theater and advertising agency personnel.

During an interview, Mr. Lippert said he would show no X-rated films unless he had a “Midnight Cowboy,” which he said he did not believe deserved the X-rating.

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New Theater, Nice New