Granger Mall Surmounts All, Will Open July 27

By Don C. Woodward
Deseret News, 30 May 1970

 It's been a cliffhanger all the way, but the new Valley Fair Mall in Granger is almost home.

J. C. Penny will open its big new store there July13, and ZCMI has already begun running through a 20-page countdown list for its opening on July 27. Most of the stores will open on 27th.

The enclosed, air-conditioned regional shopping mall has cost $14 million to build so far – and that's only the exteriors. All of the stores will pay for their own interior fixtures, an expenditure that should bring the cost to well over $20 million, estimated O. Richard Flack, operations manager.

The 565,000-square-foot mall is located at 3500 South and 2700 West – and there was a time when even that location was a question mark. For the distinguishing feature about the mall has been its continuing ability to overcome obstacles.

Along the way toward its completion, it has gone through numerous hearings, a nearly-fatal tight money situation and a Supreme Court decision, – emerging clearly victorious.

The idea of a regional mall in the Granger area occurred to several developers at almost the same time. As a result, there was a period when ZCMI had its own location, when Doxey-Layton Realty Co. was pushing the present Valley Fair site, and a third site was being cleared at 35th South and 4100 West.

ZCMI later joined with Doxey Layton and with the approval of the Utah Supreme Court, was able to get a construction permit to begin their plans. A Phoeniz, Ariz., developer, Frank Campbell, joined forces with them and fought the center through its problems for several years.

The financing arrangements have been similarly complex, involving at various stages the Columbia University Trustees, Bowery Savings Bank of New Your City and the present owner, BUR Inc. BUR has retained Reininga and Holmes, Inc., professional developers, to bring the mall to completion and operate it.

All of that is behind it now, with about 93 per cent of the available space leased, said Flack,

The mall's economic contribution will be significant. It is expected to hire around 1,000 employees on a full-time basis, and will also have a significant number of part-time employees since it will be open every night but Saturday.

The tenants include S. H. Kress Co., K-G Stores, Casleltons, Walgreens, La Ries, Zions First National Bank, Jarman, Foxmoor, Chess King, Dockfor Pet Center, Schreyer's, Betty's Bra Bar, the House of Nine, Thom McAn, F Christensen Inc., Fashion Fabric, Baker Shoes, Baby News, Tie Tac, Mother To Be, Uniform Shop, Hosiery, a key repair, The Optical Shop, and Corey Anderson Pies.

Also, Barricini, Orange Julius, 31 Flavors, National Shirt, Petries, Allen's Shoes, Singer, Mode O'Day, Household Finance, First Security Bank, Hart Brothers, Junior Bootery, Hardy Shoe, Rollnick's, Anila Shops, Arden's, Pearson's, The Cheese Shop, Zinik's, Valley Hallmark, and Zale's Jewelry.

Also, Deseret Book, Schuback Jewelrey, Kinney, Valley Fair Casuals, Judy's Memory Lane, Style Tailored Unique Dress and several professional offices.

The Showcase Cinema, a four-screen movie theater, will also be in the mall.

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Granger Mall Surmounts All, Will Open July 27