Big Outing

Utah Shut-ins To View Bible Movie

Salt Lake Tribune, 20 September 1965, page 12
Thursday and Friday will be days out for shut-ins from throughout northern Utah.

The big outing will be a special showing of "The Greatest Story Ever Told" at the Villa Theatre.

Some 2,000 shut-ins from Ogden, Salt Lake City, American Fork and Provo will see the Cinerama production during the two shows.

The special screening of the movie is an annual event for shut-ins presented by Fox-Intermountian Theaters, Villa Theatre, Cinerama Inc., and The Salt Lake Tribune.

In addition, The Salt Lake Kiwanis Club provides transportation for Salt Lake area guests.

The showing annually gives shut-ins from day care centers, children's hospitals, hospitals and nursing homes in the area an opportunity to see cinerama productions that they would not do otherwise.