Villa and Lyric Schedule 'The Robe' Opening

Salt Lake Tribune, 30 September 1953, page A18
The motion picture version of "The Robe," long-time Lloyd Douglas best seller, will open its Salt Lake City run Wednesday at the Lyric and Villa Theaters.

The movie introduces the new film-making process, CinemaScope, which gives the effect of three dimenions without the use of glasses.  The curved screen and the stereophonic sound with CineamaScope have required installation of thousands of dollars worth of equipment at both theaters.

Producers of the picture claim it has been in the planning stage for 10 years and in production for two.  Originally, R K O-Radio Pictures had planned to make "The Robe."  For awhile, M G M had it on the production schedule.  Twentieth Century-Fox then acquired rights and started plans for making the film.

It was decided to introduce Fox's new CinemaScope with the picture.  The studio made "The Robe" and seven other films in CinemaScope and has shut down awaiting public reaction to both the movies and the new process.

Since the premiere of the picture a couple of week ago in New York, last week in Los Angeles and Tuesday night in San Francisco, it appears that Fox can resume production again.  "The Robe" and the new CinemaScope process have won rave reviews in every situation.

"The Robe," a story of what happened to the garment won by Christ befoe he was placed on the cross, stars Victor Mature, Richard Burton, Jean Simons, Dean Jagger and a host of other stars.