S.L. Showman Buys Theater

Salt Lake Tribune, 14 January 1959, page B3
Dan Kostopulos, veteran Salt Lake showman and benefactor to the city's under-privileged children for 30 years, Tuesday announced repurchase of the theater with which his name was so long associated.

Mr. Kostopulos owned the Broadway Theatre, 65 E. 3rd South, from 1930 until he sold it in 1952.

Mr. Kostopulos plans to completely refurbish and redecorate the movie house - new seats, carpeting, cinemascope screen, projectors - and open it under the former name, Broadway Theatre, on Feb. 1.

He will also resume his former policy of good second-run films at popular prices.

Best known for his generosity to handicapped children, it is estimated Mr. Kostopulos has given free shows to 30,000 and free Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to 15,000.