Scandia Four to Launch 'Windjammer' Voyage

By Bob Halliday, Tribune Staff Writer
Salt Lake Tribune, 01 September 1960, page B3
Four sensational Scandinavians and a thinking man's comedian arrived in Salt Lake City Wednesday to launch "Windjammer" on its CARE benefit voyage Thursday evening at the Villa Theatre.

White-Maned Dane

Lauritz Melchior, white-maned Great Dane of the operatic world, flew in from Los Angeles surrounded by three Viking dolls who competed in the recent Miss Universe contest - Gunilla Elm (Miss Sweden), a tall, cool, blue-eyed blonde from Stockhom; Sonja Mensel (Miss Denmark), a shy, soft-spoken beauty from Copenhagen; and Lise Hammer (Miss Norway), an animated little blonde model from Oslo.  For an architectural outline, the measurements the three gave are, in order:  86-56-80, 92-55-90, and 92-58-93.  That's in centimeters, fellows.  These girls they speak the English good, but the inches they understand not quite.

Tony Randall, the star whose growing string of screen successes has been marked by a flair for light, sophisticated comedy, joined the group after a flight from his New York home to boost his latest film, "Let's Make Love," opening at the Uptown Theatre Thursday.

He will appear on the Uptown stage at 2:30 p.m. Thursday prior to joining the others in 8:30 p.m. ceremonies at the Villa preceding the Intermountain premiere of the Cinemiracle film "Windjammer."

Proceeds Earmarked

Arranged by Maurice Warshaw, local supermarket chain owner and philanthropist, all proceeds from the premiere will go to the Chile Reconstruction Program of CARE, the international aid agency which will be represented at the Villa Thursday evening  by Abram G. Becker, assistant executive director.

Mr. Melchior Wednesday bemoaned opera's lack of heroic tenors.  He is the only remaining representative of any stature.  "High baritones just won't take the time out from their careers for the private practice necessary to transform their vocal range into heroic tenor."

The three Miss Universe contestants will spend two more weeks of sightseeing on the West Coast before returning to their homelands.

Asked by Tony why they didn't all stay here and marry rich young Americans, the three girls chorused, "Oh, money isn't that important.  It doesn't make you happy."

"I've learned how to enjoy being unhappy with it," Tony remarked.

Patrice Wymore, previously scheduled to appear, at the premiere, had to cancel her trip due to film commitments.