Cinerama's 'Brothers Grimm' Premieres Tonight

Salt Lake Tribune, 22 August 1962, page 6
Cinerama's revolutionary contribution to entertainment, "The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm," will make its Intermountain debut in the Villa Theatre Wendesday at 8 p.m. in a gala premiere staged by Shriners of El Kalah Temple.

The first film drama with a plot to be shown on the giant curved screen, the movie tells the story of Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm, creators of the folk tales and fairy stories known the world over.

Since its premiere in New York, crowds have jammed the theater there at a rate exceeded only by the stage show "My Fair Lady."

All the excitement of the First Night in Salt Lake is being made available to the general public through a special block of tickets released by the sponsor El Kalah Temple, 650 E. South Temple, or at any of the box offices in the Uptown Theatre, Villa Theatre or The Tribune Building.

Band to Perform

The premiere program will include a performance by the El Kalah Oriental Band on the plaza and a concert by El Kalah Chanters on the Villa stage prior to the film presentation.

Laurence Harvey plays the part of irresponsible, flamboyant Wilhelm Grimm, and Karl Boehm portrays the serious Jacob Grimm.  Other stars include Claire Bloom, Barbara Eden, Walter Slezak, Oscar Homolka, Russ Tamblyn, Jim Backus, Arnold Stang, Terry-Thomas and Buddy Hackett.

Delight Young and Old

In all the history of literature, few books have such instantaneous and continuing worldwide success as the collection of fairy talkes published in Germany in 1812 by the Grimms.

Now, 150 years later, these tales still delight young and old alike, are printed in every known language and consistently rank with the top best-sellers every year.

Originally published in German, the Grimm Fairy Tales are now available in bookstores around the world.

First Film Story

There are 500 editions currently in print, 30n of these in English.

Since the earliest days of motion pictures, the stories of Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Rumpelstiltskin and other unforgettable characters have occupied the imagination and creative energy of film-makers the world over.  But no motion picture has ever before dealt with the fascinating personal story of the two men who first gave the stories to the world.