Film showings merit support

Deseret News, 3 July 2000, page A8

Article Summary:

A lack of public support prompted management at the Jordan Commons Theaters to cancel weekend showings and cut back on weekday showings of its Classic Movie Series.

The Avalon Theater has shown classic and high-quality family movies for many years.  Avalon Video rents and sells thousands of classic videos.  Both have fewer customers than ten years ago and are struggling to survive.

“These two businesses should be a slam dunk success in this community instead of struggling for survival.  I'm trying to support these businesses, but I can't do it alone.  They need and deserve our support.  They need the people of the Salt Lake Valley to put their money where their mouth is in following the advice and messages of religious and civic organizations to support good high-value entertainment and to avoid entertainment that celebrates the worst in us.”  (Howard Sager, Midvale)