Video Manager Still Likes a Night at Movies - Even After 4,000 Films

Deseret News, 17 January 1989, page B2

Article Summary:

  • Art Proctor bought the Avalon Theater 25 years ago
  • he started a video movie business next door to the theater in 1980
  • the store has about 1,800 titles
  • When Art Proctor started showing classic movies at the Avalon, he would bring the 16mm films home to watch.
  • “We usually watched two or three classic American films at home during a family home evening each week, screening the films to decide if we wanted to show them at the Avalon” (Natalie McCandless)

Natalie McCandless:

  • manager of Avalon Theater & Video Inc.
  • daughter of Art Proctor
  • “...she grew up working in the theater after school and on weekends, cleaning up at first, then managing the concession stand and finally running the theater's big 35mm movie projector and managing the theater while attending Olympus High School.”