Proactive Steps for COVID-12

(Theater), 18 March 2020

In response to the evolving COVID-19 health situation, Fiddlers Fun Center is taking proactive steps in the best interest of our guests and employees.

Our theatre and Fun Center will remain open and is making operational adjustments where appropriate.  The following adjustments are being implemented effective immediately and will continue until further notice.  We will be limiting attendance per auditorium based on size, with no more than 100 guests in each theatre.
Based on the best practices recommended by health safety experts, below are some of the many proactive steps that we are taking to address the situation:
We appreciate the community support we have received to our local theater and are committed to providing a positive experience when coming to view a movie at Fiddlers Fun Center. We have always taken pride in our dedication to maintain our theater in a clean and organized manner.  We are dedicated to increase efforts and compliance with government and health official’s suggestions and rules in dealing with COVID-19 health risk. As always, we appreciate your comments or suggestions you may have in the operations of the cinema and ways we may better serve our community.