COVID-19 and the Motor Vu Theater

(Theater), 22 April 2020

Our theater is currently still closed for the winter and under orders to remain so until May 1 at the earliest due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Until this order is lifted we are unable to open the Motor Vu Theater. We realize that many in the community want us to open the theater as soon as possible; however, until we are able to do so in a socially responsible manner we intend to abide by the order. We feel your pain as this is only the 2nd time since the theater opened in 1949 that we've been closed. The other was when the screen was destroyed by a tornado for some perspective.

We are working with some groups exploring some options, and we hope to see you sometime in May 2020. Opening at anytime in April is currently not possible due to weather and other conditions at the theater. Once we have a date we can open determined we will share information about that and plans for the year with you through our Facebook page and updates to the various information pages here.

Until then, stay safe and stay home!