Earthquake update

(Theater), 25 March 2020

Fantastic News!

We have been downgraded to a yellow card. This means there is no material damage to the building and we will be allowed access to start cleaning things up. (More to come for those interested in helping those efforts.)

Many of you have asked what damage has happened inside. We are happy to say that three picture frames, a can of paint, and two computer screens were reported as casualties. There is a lot of dust and some plaster to be cleaned up. Not a single mirror from the rehearsal hall or any of the dressing rooms were impacted, an amazing feat! Things could’ve been much worse.

We are committed to repairing the things that need to be repaired. There is still a gofundme to help lessen the financial burden of those repairs.

We remain closed due to COVID-19. When the social distancing restrictions are lifted we will start presenting shows again.

Thank you all for your concern and support. Together as a community we can overcome great obstacles. We can’t wait to #MeetYouAtTheEmpress again!

Hopefully very soon.