New Theater Is Loaming Up

Carbon County News, 5 September 1912, page 1
Construction work is being rapidly pushed by E. K. Olson on his new theatre building on Main street. The face brick for the front wall are of the Salt Lake pressed, dark mottled variety, and are being laid in a red mortar with a "raked out" joint. This is making a very handsome wall.

Since the excavating for the building was started the plans have been changed somewhat, so as to lengthen the building and thereby increase the seating capacity, and also to install a scene dock and a gridiron for the stage. The stage equipment of scenery, etc. is to be arranged with conveniences for quick changes of scenery, which is very desirable in vaudeville work.

It is the intention of the parties who are figuring on leasing the place to give the people of Price some real classy vaudeville from the regular Orpheum circuit, together with the best in moving pictures. There are a number of parties who are figuring on leasing the theatre, but no lease has been made yet, and Mr. Olsen says that he will not be ready to make a proposition on a lease for at least two weeks.

The building will be completed early in November.