Renovation of College Hall Is Completed

Historic Auditorium Undergoes Complete Transformation In Process

Daily Herald, 29 August 1930, page 1

Old College hall, the center of Brigham Young activities for more than a quarter of a century, is undergoing a complete renovation which will be completed in time for the opening of school on September 15, according to Jospeh Nelson, architect, who has the work in charge.

Floor is Raised

The old hall acquired a new roof last year. This roof is the best that money can buy, and is an indication of the permanence of the building.

This year the "innards" have all be taken out and renovated, until those who have thrilled at speeches, music, and drama for more than thirty years in the structure will scarely recognize the place.

The floor of the hall has been raised at the rear, giving the seats about a foot and a half drop up to and beyond the middle. This will make for visibility and in addition will give the place a modern effect. In order to make this change the builders had to raise the level of the floor of the hall outside, and extend the stairway another step.

Stage Made Over

The improvements, however, did not stop with the floor. The stage has been made over. The ceiling has been raised a bit and covered with diamond patterned wall material; a new proscenium arch has been installed with doorways at each side, and new curtains will be added. The lighting system will be completely changed, making additional lighting effects possible. A special mechanical arrangment is being installed to provide for choir and orchestra seats.

The entire ceiling of the hall has been covered with a pleasing pattern of ceiling material, adding much to the general tone of the interior. The walls are to be painted in a pleasing green tint that is expected to match well with the heavy velour drapes which will be both servicable and ornamental.

Each of the windows will be draped with this velour, which may be drawn over them whenever it is desirable to have the room dark in the daytime. This change will make matinee dramas and daytime moving pictures possible.

While the seats in the body of the hall will not be changed, they will be rearranged. New seats are being provided for the stage.

Plesant Memories

The hall will be in readiness for the opening of school, the architect says, as officials of the school are eager to have the new "home" ready to receive the students upon their arrival.

"College hall for more than thirty years has been a center of B. Y. U. inspiration," President F. S. Harris said in discussing the changes, "and the board and officials of the institution are eager to make it as pleasant as possible that those memories may be happy ones.

"I am delighted with the improvement the changes are making in the hall. I believe they will assist in making the coming school year one of the best we have had."