[Tomorrow new Rex theater opens on North Ninth street]

Eastern Utah Advocate, 2 November 1911, page 1

Tomorrow (Friday) evening the new Rex theater on North Ninth street opens under the management of Messrs. Anderson & White, who have unquestioningly the prettiest and most modern house of its kind between Salt Lake City and Grand Junction.  Everything is new with a seating capacity of two hundred, which will be increased as the patronage of the place warrants.  The house is finished in mission style and has opera chairs and raised seats.  Safety is guaranteed by the enclosure of the film machine and the operator in a sheet iron box or cage at the front of the house, so that there may be no fear from an explosion or breaking of a film.  The place would be a credit to a city much larger than Price, and is deserving of the patronage of the amusement loving public.  There will be frequent changes of program.